How can i get a job in the us?

I'm Originally from Kenya..I have a bachelor's degree but I want to explore my options..simply looking for greener pastures...I'm not choosy so I can pretty much do any job that's legal obviously which doesn't undermine my moral compass..I can take care of kids,Can do short general caretaker duties...can pretty much be flexible depending on the job as long as it's nothing technical..just want to explore my options..anyone with any kind of Referrals I would highly appreciate's so fucking hard here..No trolls not a beggar nor con artist am just a young single mom simply trying to find greener pastures to support my kid that's all..also not trying to host a pity party...if you know anyone that needs help you'd be helping me in a major way you have no idea..any legit agencies that are hiring..or anyone specific that needs a helper or something..lemme know please!

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