Is it ok to that... i like bugs to fly in my ears so i can poke them out?

Years ago, when I was doing yardwork, I had a few gnats fly into my ear and stay there. I tried using a tissue, q-tip, etc, but only seemed to push them in more, buzzing and buzzing. Thing was, I also liked the feeling, the scratching and poking around in there, and eventual crawling out of the gnats on their own.

Fast-forward to now. Whenever I do yardwork, I know where gnats and other tiny, flying bugs are, push my hair behind my ears (to give them a straight shot), and walk around those areas until whatever it is flies into my ear or ears, just so I can dig them out with anything pointy. Q-tips with no cotton on the end, chop sticks, drill bits, wooden matches, drywall screws.. Anything to poke into my ears and either get the bugs out, or push them back further and into my eardrum. Still love the sound of the buzzing in there, even if I'm jabbing so much my inner ear bleeds. Sometimes, that's the goal: flying bugs and blood in there.

If this keep up, or I start using sharper, more dangerous items, like screwdrivers or a paring knife (thought about that one..what a rush that would be!), I'm afraid of permanent damage. Is it ok that I keep doing this?

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  • It's amusing how sometimes a person's fetish is another person's biggest fear.

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    • I wouldn't even say it's a fetish so much as maybe a..Habit? First time was completely by mistake, as I was working on rose bushes with a lot of gnats and stuff flying around, and two shot into my ear. Dug into it with my finger, then a q-tip, and only pushed them back further. They later buzzed and crawled out, and it felt good.. I've just built on it ever since.

      Was in the back of a car a few weeks ago, driving around a city to someone's apartment, and, had an itch. There was a burned, wooden match on the floor, and the person next to me was glued to her phone, so, I took the match to my right hand, which was against the window, inserted, and dug into my ear to get the itch, and more, for a good 20 minutes before we go to where we were going. No one knew a thing..

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