Is it normal to be like christopher hitchens?

I'm even different like him, I'm rare, and I wear national flag lapel pins, I believe in antitheism (and stuck to it), I'm rational and logical like him, I avoid being dominated by religion like him (I have religion but I don't let myself believe in total control, I have minimal control in all my beliefs and do whatever I want, in fact what my religions tell me to do is exactly what I want to be doing), I'm still a soy-free wheat-free vegan (beegan) and modified it slightly from the internet's version to include coffee and the occasional sweets. I don't eat meat, at all, I didn't eat cheeseburgers, I didn't drink anything dairy, I didn't eat eggs and I didn't eat caviar, I've been a vegan for weeks, I don't get bored of my beliefs, I don't change my mind, I made up my mind never to change and to stay the same and I'm acting on it, I'm saying this to let you know I didn't change my diet, not one bit, I choose to be faddy. So like Christopher Hitchens I worry about what I eat, wear and tomorrow. I only dress fancy at certain times, I even drink Scotch as Christopher Hitchens drank Scotch, I'm selective in what I smoke like him. Is that normal?

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