Is it normal to completely be your own self, the differences being extreme?

I invented my own difference, instead of following groups like rare, weird, individual, distinguishing, freak etc, which isn't your own invention, I follow my own thing: ghosty. That means I'm markedly distinguished from all else to the point where I'm spooky. It implies weird, individual, distinctive etc are not different enough, they're groups. I can be scary by inventing my own difference, one time I invented selfly and people find that creepy, it means I act like no one but myself. Man Zero is another one, it means I act like no one and nothing, that's my difference. It's scary isn't it? I found out ways to invent my own weirdness, Man Zero has become a group, a woman adopted this so now she's Woman Zero. I think for myself, so instead of being sane, smart, genius, supergenius, wise, sage, sapient, sensible or anything like that, I choose my own thing: carbonive, that means I'm resourceful, gingerly, reasoning (not rational, logical etc), and solve problems. So I invented some more beliefs: Kingism, passivism, vejjanism, protestism. So thinking for myself that much, 100% my own invention, is that normal?

Is It OK To?
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