Is it ok being more into a fiction world?

I was always a lonely child but I enjoyed my company and felt others different and inferior to me! Now I'm 18 years old with no real friends and to be honest I really don't care. I'm really into history. I love history especially mughal history and I admire Akbar, the third mughal emperor. Recently I started watching the episodes of jodha Akbar, a historical fiction daily soap on youtube and I started feeling lonely whenever I don't watch it for some time! I find that mughal world more real than the real world itself! I think I don't belong here. I love the interaction of jodha and akbar...I find them to be an ideal couple, the best couple to be honest, though I know that are just acting..but I find them so real. I don't know what's the problem with me. I think of myself as the mughal emperor Akbar ...and i want to get out of all these and live my life in the real world. I'm very helpless and sad. I even feel sad out of the thought that one day I'll end up watching the episodes of jodha Akbar on youtube -566 of them! What should I do to recover? Help plz

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  • Honestly, me and my friends are more interested in the lives of fictional characters then our own lives. I relate.

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    • So is it normal? I don't like this real world but that won't help me to sustain my life. What should I do to recover?

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