Is it ok for a 12 yr old to drink a monster energy?

My daughter's friend brought her one and she bright it home. I seen it and thought nothing of it 'till now. So, I wasn't sure if it was ok or not.

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  • All kids are drinking and eating crap when parents aren’t around. It’s completely normal, but really unhealthy. You wouldn’t walk around a school at lunch and see kids eating salads, they’d be at the canteen buying junk. :/

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  • It's not ok for anyone to drink those. They're bad for you, lol

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    • I agree, and they are expensive and taste like crap.

      Why would a 12 year old need extra energy?

      Why would anyone for that matter?

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  • All non-diet soft-drinks are just absurdly over-priced, watered-down sugar syrup with added flavouring. They contain a ridiculous number of empty calories, and drinking them is the same as eating a bowl of sugar.

    The diet versions may be even worse, since it's suspected the artificial sweeteners they contain can mess up the body's insulin response and this could be a factor in the drastic increase in Type 2 diabetes over recent years.

    We've been very careful to not let our ten year-old develop a taste for this crap. We never have carbonated soft-drinks in the house, and she never gets them as a treat.

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  • I say maybe once a week. Kids don't need soda to begin with. Some of the monsters are kind of decent surprisingly- the Khaos one is 30% juice. That's the only one I drink really. Caffeine is in a lot of stuff though if that's the concern. It's the 50-60g of sugar I would worry about.

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  • No it's not it tastes disgusting and is pretty bad for you, I don't exactly lead a healthy life but you shouldn't let her go down the road that bad

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  • the sooner this tide pod condom snorting generation dies the better off we all will be. look what they do with guns.

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  • it's not good to drink it on a regular basis, especially at a young age. if it's only occasionally I wouldn't worry though.

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  • Energy drinks are practically liquid sugar and no one should drink them, but so is every other soft drink. I don't understand why some parents consider energy drinks terrible yet let their kids drink soda. It's not much different.

    Not trying to be rude to you personally and I'm sorry if it looked that way, just had to let that out. I'm tired of people thinking energy drinks are extra scary for some reason.

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  • old are you?

    Are you the 12 year old in this story?

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