Is it ok for a fat lady to wear a scrunch bikini?

For the summer, I am thinking to wear scrunch bikini on the beach. I am a fat person and have extra flabs. Recently, I heard that Dollboxx has come up with amazing variants in swim-wears and I have become greedy for them. One can have a look for them at
So, is it ok for me to have scrunch bikini bottoms for this summer.

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  • Cute.

    But if you have to ask do you really have the confidence? There are People out there who are going to think it's gross to see fat people in a bikini. I even know a fat person who points out fat girls on the beach saying they should not be wearing that.

    Personally I do not care because people can do whatever the fuck they want, im just saying it takes confidence on your part if you want to wear that. Hell im a skinny girl and still shy to wear a bikini.

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  • Sure. Why not?

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  • Its absolutely okay

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  • To each their own. I think it was last labor day? Or 4th of july and i was walking behind these 2 thicker chicks with big cellulited asses in those scrunch/almost-thong-bottoms in front of us in a beachtown downtown. My straight older skinny female friend, gay friend and thicker younger female friend, "said some people shouldn't wear those bathing suits" and they agreed with eachother. I couldn't have disagreed more, I thought they looked incredibly sexy. Especially since they had a sassy walk and owned it. I'm a straight guy btw.

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  • Well, thugs be buggered, is this an advertisement?


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