Is it ok for a man to wear leggings

I am a man and I like to wear leggings. I wear them as if they were pants. I don't get anything sexual from it. I just like how they look. But I feel like this is wrong. is there anybody else out there in the same position.

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  • Leggings are comfortable to people. It is normal to have different taste in clothing than most. I don't know why people think there is some restriction to leggings being women only. Who cares? It's YOUR body, and guess what? They come off.

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  • I thought leggings were unisex

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  • Nobody should wear leggings as pants, at most they can be worn under a short skirt or tunic. Leggings are not enough to appropriately cover the bum and groin areas. But society has forgotten this I think. So long as women are running around wearing leggings as pants there's no reason you can't. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

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  • ... like this guy?

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  • Why not? Though aren't they a bit thin to serve as pants? I wear leggings but I wear them as socks, wear a pair of pants over them

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