Is it ok for companys to make purposely shitty charging cords?

Every time I buy a ios charging cord, they always stop working correctly within a month or so, I usually buy the one that cost 5-10 USD, and always make sure they don't get bent or get damap in any way, is it ok for them to malfunction so easily? Or is it a rip off?

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  • Yeah yo, it's called "planned obsolescence." Phone companies purposely create phones that break, go out of date, or create accessories that break, or create BRAND NEW, awesome features that require you to buy new tech- like iPhone getting rid of the headphone jack so you have to buy fucking airpods.

    Apple is THE WORST about this. When I had an iphone, my charges would constantly, constantly break, no matter what I did, no matter how much I coddled them...they are just DESIGNED to break...wonky skinny ass chord and a flat charger head.

    Anyways, switched to Samsung. My chargers last 4ever & i can use them to charge tons of other stuff. Dont get me wrong, fuck Samsung too, but the chargers are so much better.

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    • Fortunately, planned obsolescence for these skinny cords can be defeated. Go to the hardware store and buy two feet of clear plastic tubing with a small diameter just large enough to run the narrow plug thru. Because the tubing is more rigid, it will protect the cord usually extending its life by 6X. If your cords always break in a certain spot, wrap that spot with duct tape when the cord is new to prevent future damage. Be sure to cut the tape to size before wrapping.

      Just one of many Bean's tips for the day. Hope everything works out okay for you.

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  • Apple products have always been a ripoff, but the company's marketing has always been fiendishly excellent and millions have fallen for it.

    You chose to join the cult, so suck it up.

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  • No, it's not okay for companies to rip people off, but the reality is, if you want something that's half decent you're going to have to spend a little more $$$ for it.

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  • Yeah and that's only a relatively minor way companies will try to force you to buy parts. Try to get a charging cord from a third party source and you'll probably want to spend 15 - 20 on a charging cord. Apple has no motivation to actually make the cables last for a long time.

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  • I have my original charger and it works just fine.

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