Is it ok for my mom to hide food away from me and my siblings?

I feel like my mom is a real bitch because she hides food from me and my younger siblings especially snacks that she spends with my share of money which I earned (my money goes into her bank account so she is the only one who has the access to the money and I cant buy what I want because shes always the one who decides on the things we should buy because shes the one travelling)
Anyways.. Every time she has snacks hiding away in the cupboards (sometimes it has a lock on it because me and my siblings are NOT allowed to get into it) but when it is open I find all these snacks shes been hiding and I ask her if I can have some but she always complains and say that she needs them for herself.
Is she selfish and is this unfair or do you guys think its okay and shes doing a good job at being a good mom?

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