Is it ok for ur bf to snap / text other girls

Is it? If you’re in a closed relationship

Is It OK To?
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  • As long as it's not sexting then of course it's normal.

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  • Absolutely not, It's just my opinion. If he or you are doing that it's a little hit that things are going to start going in the wrong direction. Good luck and think about your self and your future.

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  • Of course it's not ok.

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  • If you're boyfriend and girlfriend you should be the only highlight of his life. If you are a fighting couple that makes things worse. If y'all are about to break up or are broke then it is normal. If you guys are together just tell him that that won't work out. Or if he wants to see other girls you are done with him. Nobody likes a cheater. And boys love to cheat a lot.

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