Is it ok if i have no social life & have little desire to obtain one?

Long post ahead!

I would describe myself as extremely low in sociability, which I already know is not normal. My question is whether this is an inherently negative trait that I should try to change. Read below for more details.

To me, the energy and effort required to make and maintain friendships do not seem worth it. Most people have nothing or very little in common with me, and I am somewhat of a social outcast. Additionally, I experience social anxiety (which has proven to be quite inhibitive for me) in some social situations, although I doubt this would be enough to qualify for a diagnosis of a Social Anxiety Disorder. I would describe myself as lacking in social skills, although I do appear quite normal from the outside, and have gotten by in life business-wise thus far without many problems. In most social situations, my mind is either blank, or I feel that I have nothing of value to contribute, so I say nothing, or very little. Sometimes when people are talking to me I think "I don't care." in my head. Additionally, I would describe myself as relatively low in empathy, but I am certainly no sociopath or psychopath. This can describe my social behaviour for the past 5 or more years.

The thought of making friends and going out and doing things sounds like it has the potential to be fun and fulfilling. However, this sounds like a near-impossible task, so I have no desire to try and accomplish a fruitful social life that many people my age (18 years old) likely have.

I have been this way for so long that I can no longer accurately distinguish if I am just naturally unsociable, or if I have some real problem, such as Social Anxiety Disorder, or Schizoid Personality Disorder, and if this is just a learned behaviour (that can therefore change) due to many factors over time.

I have plenty of more information to share if necessary. I appreciate your insight.

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