Is it ok/normal i'm 25 and still lost in my life

Not much to say really. I travel a lot but I don't have any money. It seems I have planed this some time ago and it came true. But is it something I really wanted for myself or this is something that I wanted to happen to me at that time when i had this idea to travel, I guess only I have this answer:D But from a side it really feels like that subliminally somehow I manipulate with people so that they do things for me. But now more than anything else I want to find a job and settle in. And i am driven by something else (you have time in your life to look for yourself but you can't forget to live life as well). I REALLY LIKE THIS SITE. REALLY WANT TO KNOW SOMEONES IDEAS AND THEORIES.

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  • are you trying to say you shit farted your life away with travel?

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    • Maybe. But I have understood some things about myself. If I would stay in the same place where I grew up I would be possibly Drunk/alcoholic.

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