Is it ok not to care about someone's death?

A friend of many years a normal reaction i felt very shocked and sad and everything..but when he died I just kept on looking at his pictures on Facebook and I found out conversations he had which he made fun of me..called me names,made fun of me I thought we were friends..anyways my anger turned into something else happy he died.. after all he got shot by the police when he went to rob..never knew he was a thief..but anyways its a crazy mixed feeling.

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  • Just because a person dies doesn't mean you're obligated to feel bad. If that person treated like shit fuck them, you don't owe them your feelings. Plus, hey, they're dead, its not like it matters to them anyway. You feel how you feel.

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  • I've never actually been happy someone died but noones death has caused any great grief in my life either. I can't say that I miss dead people very much but I think thats a normal coping mechanism built in to the human condition.

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  • I still wouldn't be happy that someone died even if I found out that he was bad-mouthing me behind my back, that's just not a serious enough crime to feel indifferent to his passing. Not if it was that alone. However, it sounds like it was more than just that alone, that you found out that he was robbing someone or someplace and the police shot him. And police aren't going to shoot someone for robbery unless he either has a hostage, just shot soneone himself, and/or was about to pull a gun out on the police and the police returned fire to protect themselves. It sounds like he did alot worse things than just talk behind someone's back. With all that, I sort of understand your feelings.

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  • Wow man. Crazy world, crazy people.

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