Is it ok not to shave?

So most girls my age shave and talk about being embarrassed when they forget. I was wondering if it is ok that I don’t shave my legs.

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  • All good sis.
    It's so annoying to shave my legs, but I still do it bc I like the smooth feeling and I don't want anyone to see that I don't lol. You do you!

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  • Totally fine. It's your body.

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  • Shave where you want and when you want.

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  • Yeah, I hate shaving my legs, but of course I had some laser on my lower legs about twelve years ago, and let me tell you it was one of the best investments I ever made! However, I also don't have any hard fast rules in my mind about whether or not women should shave their legs. I personally wouldn't care if you didn't shave your legs at all. I used to go without shaving my legs or armpits whenever I wanted before I had laser, but I live in jeans. I think the whole squeamishness about female body hair that some people, especially men, have is kinda stupid.

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  • If you still have fine leg hair it’s perfectly okay not to shave it and you should wait until it gets thick enough to bug you. My gf takes a day off here or there. She gets stubble but I don’t care, I take a day off here or there from shaving my face everyday. She wears jeans on the days she doesn’t shave and nobody but me knows the difference. Normal.

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  • Why not? You can just wear pants.

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