Is it ok that i don't really want friends anymore

Hi! I just wanted to ask a question that I think about a lot lately.
Is it okay that I don't want any friends ? I think that I might be afraid of making new friends or I am just afraid of that my old friends might leave me completly.
I've always put friends before everything, but I realized that they don't really care about me.
I've had 2 girl bestfriends, one of them just couldn't go out with me, because her mom hated me and second one found new friends that she just seems to like more, she even started drugs (They are all addicted). I was always afraid of losing another friend because of drugs, because one boy that i loved started taking drugs and he died 2 years ago. other friends just found new friends too or they don't go out anymore at all.
I just realised that I am starting to not really care that I don't have friends... Is it normal ?

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  • So go to school and focus more on your education and future than on your friends. Look for some positive and worthwhile activities so you can find some positive and worthwhile friends. Try to become the kind of person you want to be friends with.

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  • As you get older it becomes increasingly harder to maintain friendships because of all the demands on your time. I would try to keep a few close relationships though. They come in handy when you need to lift a couch.

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  • Yes it's normal! I hate my social life sometimes! So IDC if I don't have friends and you shouldn't either!

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  • Omg.I don;t have friends either for similar reasons.I even have social anxiety now and started to cover my face every time i go out.I also really cared about my friends but they didn't care about me they only stayed around me because they liked to laugh at me along with the bullies to stay cool or lit or not lame or something.

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    • This is really so frustrating and sad ....My social anxiety started like half year ago and it's so hard to even go to school sometimes. One boy started to like me recently and I always promise him that I'll go out with him, but I never really end up going - which leads him to think that I am scared of him or that I don't want to go out at all.

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