Is it ok that i unknowingly had sex with my 3rd cousin?

I was at a party with my friends and we started to this other group of boys.

There was this one boy in the group who I talked to and we really hit it off so after long flirting and drinking alcohol, we went back to his place.

There, we had sex and I we started dating from then for like 3 months, then we broke up.

This was all like a year ago, but my family had a family reunion yesterday and I saw him and found out he's my 3rd cousin.


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  • Not normal but fuck it

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  • Nothing abnormal about that, Third cousins are a long way down the line of taboo people to screw.

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  • it is in the bible stating that it is wrong to have relations with 1st and 2nd cousins but it is ok to go a head and Procreate

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  • Don't see any thing wrong with any form of incest as long as every one is legal age and willing.

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  • I had a 3 year affair with a married first cousin. It was wonderful. I wanted her to divorce her husband and marry me. I still love her. Haven't seen her in over 20 years.

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  • 3rd cousin? What exactly is a 3rd cousin. I'm pretty sure that's ok.

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    • First cousin - shared grandparents.

      Second cousin - shared great-grandparents.

      Third cousin - shared great-great-grandparents.

      It's obviously a distant relationship, and really a stretch to consider it any sort of incest. There are no laws prohibiting marriage between third cousins anywhere, and usually less than 1% of DNA is in common.

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  • Its normal.

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  • * I'm not a healthcare professional. *

    You can have sex with anyone you want as long as it doesn't cause undue disruption within your family. For example, step-siblings are off limits. Cousins, not so much.

    You shouldn't have a child with a first or second cousin because of genetic concerns. But marrying a third or fourth cousin is supposedly a pretty good idea.

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  • Do you live somewhere in Appalachia by any chance?

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