Is it ok that i've been alone my whole life?

I walk through school everyday and see all my family and friends hugging and kissing their partner. God it makes me so lonely. I don't expect a life long relationship. I don't expect someone who'll be with my for the next five years. All I want is someone who'll hug me and kiss me, and accept my love until the day one of us leaves. Is it normal to nearing the end of high school and too have never found someone for them? Or even have a chance?

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  • You have a lot of life ahead of you to find somebody, don't worry. I have friends who have never kissed anybody and we're in our twenties.
    Sometimes when you stop worrying about it, it appears right in front of you.

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    • Totally agree with this. Certain things you can't go looking for, it has to whack you in the face. Just work on developing yourself as a person and loving yourself first.

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  • Its normal.

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  • Well what do you look like?

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  • Teen age years can be tough.
    They are harder if you are:
    Poor family.
    If you are, you'll have to try harder.
    High school isn't the end of life.
    It's just a 4 year phase.
    Our of, what? 70, 80?
    Get past it, move on.
    Like it or not.
    You're better off focusing on your future.

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  • Talk to as many people as possible. Monogamous relationships are a product of the 9 to 5 work week mortgage and banking system aka world slave labor anyway to generate future slaves. Its not hard to find people to kiss you.

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