Is it ok that my 'best friend' always says/does mean things about/to me

My friend always tells people she's not really my friend and she says it when she knows I can hear her, sometimes even with eye contact, she says to everyone who asks about me. She also punches me a lot and constantly leaves bruises that sometimes don't fade for more than a week, she calls me names and makes fun of me a lot and I guess that's just fun, but a lot of the time her comments really hurt and upset me a lot and even though I told her that she doesn't stop so I gave up. She puts me down a lot and tells me I'm rubbish at stuff aswell, I don't think she has ever complimented me, as in honeslty with no exaggeration, she has never complimented me.

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  • She doesn't sound like a friend to me. Time to make new friends.

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  • At most, this girl is jealous of you in some way. Get rid of her, and DON'T BACK DOWN!! Stand up for yourself, and don't let anyone have that type of control over you. If you wouldn't treat someone like this, don't allow her to do it to you. It'd be best if you two part ways.

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  • Dump that stupid cunt.

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  • She is a bitch how could you not see this from all the description I didn't see anything friendly b/w you two
    & seriously "bruises" you should ditch that stupid cunt

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