Is it ok to be addicted to learning as much as humanly possible?

ever since I could make personal goals I had made mine to learn as much as humanly possible. due to this goal, I have become addicted to learning is this bad thing and if so how do I stop.

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  • Yeah but it goes away when you stop taking adderall

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  • To a degree. I love learning about many topics but things can go too far. If anything, list and rank them, then put them in order. You can ruin your interest even when doing it a lot.
    Pace yourself. Focus more on facts and not outlandish, made-up non-factual info. If you are into more tangible theories then make a folder on your PC for "Factual Info" and "Theories for whatever you are learning. That way you can differentiate between the two on the same topic.

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    • thanks, personly I am interested in the hypothetical possibility of parallel universes. as well as art and philosophy and a multitude of other subjects.

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  • Right on, man! I don't see how you could go wrong with an addiction to learning, except for maybe accumulating more college loan debt perhaps. Of course people go into debt for all sorts of reasons like shopaholism, substance abuse and just plain making poor investments.

    I wish you all the best!

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  • change the world

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  • Cool. Wish I was like you. I've considered trying to get hooked on something productive, but haven't gotten around to it.

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  • Take up jacking of over cougar porn

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