Is it ok to be afraid of people judging me when i wear something different

I wear hoodies a lot. Even in hot summers I still wear. I've been doing this since 4th grade, but now I'm older and I want to wear something else besides hoodies.

But I'm afraid people would call me out and look at me about the fact that I'm not wearing what I usually wear.

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  • Honestly people don't care. People are so wrapped up in their own world they seldom notice anything other than what is 6ft on front of them. As long as what you're wearing is clean & presentable people aren't interested.

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  • I walk to work everyday in 90 degree weather wearing jeans, boots, a xxl shirt (and I'm a 5'3 girl who's a small) and either an xxl flannel or a coat. I don't know why you'd be insecure about that at all, but it's definitely not weird to care about what other people think about you I guess. Also if you don't want to wear hoodies anymore don't dude, but a shirt, nobody's forcing you to wear a hoodie.

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  • Fuck'em, unless they are going to take evil possession of your body, then as long as its your body, do, wear, eat, drink sleep with, WHOEVER YOU WANT. If you are going to let what others "might or might not" think about you and the idea that you are not wearing some piece of clothing, then you really need to learn, DONT SWEAT THE PETTY SHIT. If people ate going to judge, then find different people.

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  • I can relate. And you aren't wrong people will say things. But they will say different things. And you also will meet people and for them they will never have seen you in a hoodie and only in whatever is new. You will most definitely become more confident. The best part is once you leave the house, the work is done, you're wearing what you chose for that day. And soon people won't even think twice. You have to keep in perspective this mattering exists only to you. Even for people that say something, them making a comment is an extremely insignificant event in their day let alone their life. Don't let this stop you from a wonderful freedom in your life. And it has to be said that what really needs to happen is for you to stop caring what other people think about the choices you make. Be there for yourself. If someone judges you based on you dressing how you want, great! It is a very clear way of seeing who is not worth your attention.

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  • It's ok and you're normal to feel nervous. However, stepping out of your comfort zone might surprise you. As someone who has been there I can tell you people won't laugh.

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  • Nobody cares what you are wearing

    Worst case scenario :" oh you changed your style "

    Thats it

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