Is it ok to be obsessed with a girl

So my best friend is the most wonderful girl you can imagine. She's funny, she can be both cute and beautiful, she's kind, she's silly. But most of all, she makes me happy, happier than I've ever been, even when I want to kill myself and everyone around me, she just makes me feel good. It feels good to talk to her. It feels good to look at her. It feels good just thinking about her. She's perfect.

Now the problem shows itself when I tell you she's not interested in me. Now don't get me wrong, she has free will, she can choose whatever. But it just makes me want to strangle people when they take her away from me. Not even away for long. Even for a minute. It hurts so bad.

I do want to be a good friend so I'm always there for her. I know I am. Whenever she needs me I drop everything and try to make her feel as happy as she makes me feel every moment of everyday, and even when she says there's no point in trying I'll keep at it because I want her to know I care. I care so much.

Every moment of everyday I think of her. She's in my mind from 12am to 12pm. I always ask her if it's ok that we meet up sometime but she is busy alot and I understand. And before you say she's trying to avoid me, she isn't because she never goes off with other friends when she's busy.

My question is, is it weird that I'm so obsessed with her? I've tried getting with other girls to get my mind off her but I give up before it gets serious because I can't stop thinking of her. It's obvious I love her and she knows it, but I don't push it on her that I do. All I want is a chance and I want to know if waiting for her to give me a chance is the right thing or not. If it's not too much trouble please give me advice on this.

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  • "She's in my mind from 12am to 12pm."

    You can't really be obsessed with her if you only think about her from midnight to noon, especially since you're probably asleep for at least half of that period.

    What you describe is pretty normal if you're twelve or so, but definitely weird, obsessive, and creepy if you're an adult.

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  • They have pills for behaviors such as this, you should seek them out.

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  • i been fucking her for years now ..... wow...... sorry man

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  • Your behavior is definitely obsessive and unhealthy. Seems like you left out one glaring detail though: how long have you known each other and how long has it been since you've fallen for her? It sounds like she's just stringing you along, and that's never a good thing.

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  • If she knows you're into her and yet she is ignoring it, she's taking you for granted. If you let it go, and it comes back, then it's real. Try that out my friend!

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    • I don't like saying this because she doesn't deserve anyone to be so rude but I don't think I'm getting fair treatment. She isn't obliged to go out with me but I do think I deserve a chance

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      • Holy fucking shit you're an incel.

        That explains the entitlement of thinking you have the right to her going out with you. That explains the sociopathic "take her away from me" shit.

        Holy shit.

        Stay away from her. Stay away from any girl until you realise you're just some random dude who doesn't deserve shit. You're not entitled to any fucking thing and she sure as hell is better off without your creepy ass around.

        Do the world a favour. Do some MASSIVE self improvement before you even think of going after a girl again.

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      • So you’re an incel? Gross

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  • Have you ever tried not being there for her? Not in a horrible way, just, you know, one day she texts you because she needs something but you're busy doing something else or on a date or something so you say you'll help her out another day. Try this a few times and see what happens. Also stop telling her you want to be with her. Tell her you've accepted that you're only friends and that's ok and you're moving on. Act like it. Date other people.

    This is the only way to know for sure how she feels about you. And don't tell me that this is mean because it isn't mean to have your own life and prioritise yourself, you'd be an idiot not to.

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  • "When they take her away from me"


    I think you should stop seeing this girl...

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  • You sound clingy.

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  • So are you a dude that's into a girl
    Or are you a girl obsessed with another girl? I'm not homophobic, just curious

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