Is it ok to be odd thinker

I have found that I think majorly different then others. I know I will get a lot of s**t for this... But I don't feel sad for military or cops that die in service. They know the risks when they make the decision to do them.
I know this is wrong, right?

Is It OK To?
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  • I guess it's normal. It follows a certain strain of logic that I can see, but don't entirely agree with.

    Sure, they knew what they were getting into, so cops and military are not the same as random helpless victims.

    I actually think they're better. They could have chosen a different career, but they decided to put their lives on the line to protect civilians.

    Respect. Blue lives matter.

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  • its just close-minded is all

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    when they signed up for the job they knew what will happen.

    they were prepared for this only.

    if they don't want to die then should have picked up any other job huh!!


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  • I feel a bit sad in some ways, because losing people is always painful, but I respect the lives service-people live and the decisions and risks they chose to take on. At the end of the day, if someone loses their life on the job, people should strive to remember what was good and the sacrifices they made, in my opinion. But everyone grieves in different ways.

    I do feel bad for the families who have to live with these deaths, though. Losing someone is never easy.

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  • basically they may have known the risks, but the risks were told to them. experiencing the risks firsthand is different. feeling bad for the dead is something i do, but then again the family left behind needs compassion as well. at least have the decency to care for them that have lost their loved ones.

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  • Most Democrats think the same way so no it's not normal.

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  • Well, that's just stupid.

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  • Yes that is normal.

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    • thank you for not judging

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  • Normal. Like if I was peter brook and died racing cars, well..... Sucks, but play with fire...

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  • If you don't care for human life, than it's normal.

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