Is it ok to be scared for the pacer test

I have the pacer test on Wednesday, and I'm really worried.

I'm afraid of getting judged because I am the first one to finish it and awkwardly walk out the test and sit down and be the only one.

And it doesn't help everyone in my class is extremely athletic, there popular and the bad kids. I just don't want to get judged by them and feel inferior. Am I the only one?

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  • Fact of life: jocks and naturally athletic people can be assholes.

    Do the best you can in the test. How well you do doesn't indicate anything about you other than how well you deal with aerobic exercise. That's no more a measure of your value as a person than how well you do on your next history test.

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  • It's normal, but I wouldn't worry so much. When we ran the pacer I was surprised how many people, even those who always seemed very athletic, dropped out much eariler than I thought they would.

    Just do your best, athletics is far from the be all end all as a measure of a person.

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  • Fuuuuck the pacer test

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