Is it ok to be so clueless?

Soooo I am so frustrated. I love my bf but he is driving me crazy. In the first 10 months of us dating it was fun and exciting. Now we live together and have a child and he is driving me effing bonkers. I never saw this side of him and I am sure he hasnt seen this side of me. But he acts like a child. He is so unaware of life around him. Every time we go out with the stroller he almost always bumps into a curb or is lost in la la land. In the stores he stops in the middle of ailes, blocking ppl from passing through. Backs up without looking. Almost knocking over an elderly man. He trips over curbs, walks into walls. Omg so annoying. Why did you have a child with him you wonder ? Bec it was not planned and to me abortion wasn't right. He is a wonderful father. Caring and kind and full of love for her. He forgets where he puts everything. He leaves windows and doors open. Just walks in and forgets to shut them, all season long. I hate being cold. I am so not turned on by his behaviour. I am beginning to think I have an anger problem. I understand there are bigger problems in life and I have had intelligent bfs that were assholes but the stupidity really gets on my nerves. I am not sure if I am just being hormomal or if maybe I belong alone forever. Our daughter is 8 months old. I know having a child puts a strain on relationships so I do not intend to make any rash decisions as of yet. However I am at my witts end. Do I need to relax? Probably. I am just so annoyed by people who don't pay attention. Like wake the eff up. For the love of God help me.

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  • Gotta love herion!

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  • If he's good with the kid, give him a chance.

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  • I just think you need to relax

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  • Have you sat him down & explained this to him. Tell him that the stuff that he does aren't biggies but they are driving you stir crazy. Then ask him if you do anything that does the same to him. Get it all out in the open so he knows, don't let it eat away at you.

    I got wrong for leaving kitchen doors open & tbh It just didn't register, she used to leave lights on in every room she went through & it drove me mad. A few heated words between us & domestic bliss was restored along with my sanity.

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  • You are scrutinizing all these little trivial things and if you don't already, you will grow to hate him for it. It's a setup for a horrific life. The problem isn't your husband, it's that you're so darn neurotic it's crazy.

    How do you fix what appears to be a major character flaw? Well you could go through a decade of therapy, but here's a better idea: go to your doctor, get your bloodwork done and tell them to test your estrogen and progesterone levels.

    I'd bet the farm you have estrogen dominance, and that $20 worth of progesterone cream could save your marriage.

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