Is it ok to burn yourself every so often?

I like to boil utensils in water then burning my arm when I feel down or when I just want to put a new scar on my skin if I can. I most likely have depression but just wanted to make sure it's ok.

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  • Self-harming is never ok. Now that you already know it's not ok, hurry the fuck up and go seek professional help in real life as soon as possible instead of seeking pointless validations from this website like an idiot would do.

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  • You turn mental pain into physical pain.
    Because the physical is easier to deal with.
    But whatever youre dealing with, its still there.
    You need to deal with the pain, or whatever is causing it.
    Its easy to say 'seek help',
    ( as if doctors are free. )
    So I would say try to look past whatever this is you are going through.
    Set a goal of where you want to be, and then work towards that.
    These scars arent helping now, and they wont help later.
    Itll just become an akward question when someone asks.
    ( whats that mark from? )

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  • What those scar means to you...I thought it was a good idea untill people starts to stare me like a psychoboy.

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  • No it's not normal you need to seek therapy if you continue down a path of self harm and don't overcome it somehow it can get worse

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  • No bueno.

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  • Its not ok but you can stop.

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  • i did this too. turns out i was super depressed. self-harm is usually a sign of mental illness or at least intense stress.

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  • Reminds you your alive. I suggest finding other ways to feel that kind of adrenaline

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  • As long as you make some cool funky shapes, go for it.

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  • You will die, you can burn at will I'm not with your body, if you really want to die do it and cut your wrists too!

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