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I am telling about three mature ladies here.I have sexual desires anout these ladies and i clicked and record their pics or videos secretly but they all know that i have done this for long time. here i'm describing their reactions. kindly help me by going through these reactions that whom among them i may continue my affections.
1.Lady 1: My Aunt : She knows that i have clicked her picture, she asked ( that am i clicking pictures?) but i somehow turn the talk by different subjects as i was nervous.on some family tours i have also touched her in cars in some inappropriate way(in her arms, below the neck etc.) but she never reacted.
2. Lady 2 : friend's mom : she also knows that i have taken her pics or videos(even when she was bathing).. she never react about that but also tell me many times while talking with me that i am like her son etc.
3. lady 3 : housemaid : she also knows but never shown any reaction

kindly help.....

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  • Go with
    Lady 4 - Local prostitute. Lives behind dumpster. Smells of urine but works cheap.

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    • Thanks buddy for your suggestion though it is not very much helpful..kindly stick with my 3 options if possible.

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    • The other night on the way home from work I was driving through the alley to the garage and some nasty looking meth chick was hiding behind a dumpster sitting there with her knees up and looking pitiful.

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