Is it ok to dislike someone in a tight knit social circle and exclude them?

I live and work at a residential group home. We have clients who are recovering addicts.

There are about 6 other Jr. Staff like myself and we all live on site as we have a big facility.

It can be a pretty closed system life at times and in some ways the people I live and work with are my entire social existence other than family and a few other people I see around town that are associated with our business.

One of these staff members I can't stand. I just don't like him. I tried but I think he is a fucking idiot and I'm not the only one who agrees on this.

He is one of those people who won't take a hint or no for an answer. I've made it crystal clear that I don't want to be his friend or do anything with him. I told him that in exactly those words to his face.

I am nice to him at work for small talk and always professional and helpful. But he is the type of person that can't accept that another person doesn't want to be his "friend"

He forces me to ignore him and not talk to him because he is the kind of person who if you give him an inch he will take a mile.

We can be clearly operating as acquaintances/coworkers. But if I engage in a conversation with him and show any decency or perhaps even enjoy our conversation and show that...he reprograms his head that we are becoming friends and becomes a pest.

He still trys to invite himself over to my place when the other guys are over, or hop in my car when I go into town with someone else.

He has a mental issue where someone else can't have fun or have something without him. It always has to be about fucking " ". He has abandonment issues and combined with his hideous personality it makes him that much more pathetic.

I planned to go see a movie with one of the guys tonight and he asked me about it and I CLEARLY ignored his question and sent the message I'm not interested in you coming.

He knew this. He ran to my friend I'm going with and tried to get himself invited that way. Thankfully my friend is on the same page as me and he was unsuccessful.

Normally this isn't an issue for most people with this type of person. You go home and they are gone and you have separate friends.

But we all live in the same facility. We have to see eachother every day and its a close knit community. I HATE this guy.

Why can't he just accept I don't want to be his friend and let me be.

Is this wrong? Am I allowed this? This isn't fair. I am not a prick but why won't this guy just be normal.

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  • I am the poster and I can't believe how fucking whacked this place is.

    Only 20% think it's ok to not like a crazy person who won't respect your boundaries

    Meanwhile 85% of incest and alike posts are considered normal.

    Of course. Actually I'm not surprised. Why would I ask this place anything lol.

    Btw the QUESTION is not is this person I'm describing normal. It is about my reaction and feelings on this person. Perhaps this will help.

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  • Have an associate,have a quite word in his ear.

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  • Is there a supervisor you can talk to about this mess?

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    • That's a good suggestion. I wanted to give this enough time so I can say I tried to work this out on our own and also accumulate enough instances to demonstrate my point if I had to.

      It's been like 4 months now.

      Perhaps it's about time someone gets between us and sorts this out objectively.

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