Is it ok to even questioning this

I Havant Finished high school my senior year isn't over but I wouldn't graduate even if I went back now smh .. I'm old enough for adlut school but I am curious to know how much is the cost a month once I enroll,if it depends on what classes a person is going
To be taking let's say all subjects. Please let me know and correct me on any questions that should have been asked . Thanks .

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  • Go back to your high school and talk to a guidance counselor. They will have information about what program you could enroll in to get your diploma. You will not regret it.

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  • thanks everyone

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  • No I'm not going to college I having graduated . I want to go to adult school to get my diploma but Im curious to know how much it would cost

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    • Of course it’s okay to question this, that’s why this site exists.
      Google “how much does it cost to get my GED in *enter your state*.”
      Also call your old high school and make an appointment with a guidance counselor there - I’m sure they will help you with this. In some places GED classes are very reasonable or even free, but it all depends where you live and what programs your state/city offer. The guidance counselor will know all this information off the top of their head.
      Get that piece of paper, you’ll need that.

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  • You dont have to feel pressure to go to college if you dont want to.

    It's your life. It's your choice.

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