Is it OK to feel jealous

My ex broke up with me awhile back she is now bisexual she goes out with a girl. In advisory I sit right in front of her and her girlfriend sits next to her she blatantly tells her she loves her and kiss her and make it sound loud so I confronted her about it she pulled into the room above the auditorium she ran her hand down my neck and down my back and across my thigh to you know where and asked me was she making uncomfortable in class then I turned and left and all she did was smile then went in the hallway and started making out with her girlfriend. Is the purpose of this to make me jealous

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  • Every time I'm with a girl she does some shit like that and the girl just walks away

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  • She's playing with your feelings since she asked you if you enjoyed it, maybe her relationship with her girlfriend isn't as satistifying as yours was which is why she came back to you, so you cry and say you want her back, just do nothing and sit back and relax and watch it all fall apart

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  • I think she is playing with you. I am not sure if she means to make you jealous or not, but either way, she's having fun, and you're clearly not. So try to move on, okay?

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