Is it ok to feel jealous of them

Is it normal for me to not feel happy for my friends when they tell me they have acquired jobs? Or is it just me being jealous?am I a bad person for not sharing their joy?
I've been having such a hard time finding a job and have little to no experience and my friends were in the same boat, with next to no experience, less qualifications than me and they all got jobs. I don't know where I went wrong or how I got myself being so unlucky

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  • They maybe have jobs but that don’t mean there good ones it don’t mean they not going to be called in every minute it don’t mean there boss won’t be an ass it don’t mean they won’t pick up unhealthy habits it don’t mean a darn thing

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  • Maybe you just suck 🤷🏾‍♀️

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  • Jealousy serves no purpose.
    Apply yourself and keep looking.
    Until you are employed, jobs will not come looking for you.
    Once you have a job and have proven yourself, job offers will come to you.
    But, you have to get your foot in the door.
    Self pity serves knowone.

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  • It's just your pride and ego getting hurt. Get over it.

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