Is it ok to go blind during a aexperiemce after smokin a bowl pack of weed

So I woke up not even five min and I was in the way to work with a friend f mike whose to smoke heavy bud but I've always smoked with her so everything seemed cool and alright well as I left my sisters house one morning I went and got in the truck and me and her was on the way to work together bc we had worked together and I needed a lift we'll anyways she passes me a bowl and I hit it bout 4 or 5 times and I'm super baked already and my lungs are skuldin hot and I had just walked in and before I could even watch my hands to put a apron on my vision went from normal to all black and white and it's like anything I was looken at I was literally hilluscinatin and everything I had my eye kn was black and white like a tv show except I started blackin out and seing black spots and i remember telling my boss hey illl be right back I gotta use the restroom bc I was gonna out cold water in my face and before I even reached the restroom I fell sideways and fainted to the floor like if I walked straight into a table and knocked it sideways ..long story short I ended up cat gen back my Vision and I thought I was dreaming bc I passed out or some

Is It OK To?
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  • sounds like you are still pretty fucked up. you might stop tweaking on the job or you will get fired. or was the part about having a job made up ?

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  • HAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! That was some good chit!

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  • Were you wasted when you wrote this.

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    • You'd get pretty shit odds on that at the betting shop. Short answer: yes.

      PS: I'm not the original poster.

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