Is it ok to go blind during a aexperiemce after smokin a bowl pack of weed

So I woke up not even five min and I was in the way to work with a friend f mike whose to smoke heavy bud but I've always smoked with her so everything seemed cool and alright well as I left my sisters house one morning I went and got in the truck and me and her was on the way to work together bc we had worked together and I needed a lift we'll anyways she passes me a bowl and I hit it bout 4 or 5 times and I'm super baked already and my lungs are skuldin hot and I had just walked in and before I could even watch my hands to put a apron on my vision went from normal to all black and white and it's like anything I was looken at I was literally hilluscinatin and everything I had my eye kn was black and white like a tv show except I started blackin out and seing black spots and i remember telling my boss hey illl be right back I gotta use the restroom bc I was gonna out cold water in my face and before I even reached the restroom I fell sideways and fainted to the floor like if I walked straight into a table and knocked it sideways ..long story short I ended up cat gen back my Vision and I thought I was dreaming bc I passed out or some

Is It OK To?
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  • its normal. low blood pressure after getting super high its happened to me a couple times. sitting down to regulate bloodflow helps massively. that was when i barely smoked it dont happen no more

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  • Don't do it anymore, and go to the goddamn doctor lad!

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  • Uhm, I really don't think smoking Cannabis will make you lose sight and I'd been smoking for 5 years previously. My conclusions would be it was either laced weed or fake weed. But normal bud wouldn't do that unless it's like super dank? I've never been in that situation and haven't heard of any cases from all the people I've smoked with either! Maybe it's a once in a blue moon thing? I don't know but stay safe Anyways!

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  • And that, kids, is why drugs are bad news

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