Is it ok to got erection in club with unknown girls

last night was in club , i was dancing with girls those were unknown for me i got erection when they were very close to me
they were touching there baks to me....

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  • It's normal, but do hide your erections. If the random girls notice it, they won't like it. Unless they were really drunk, or really slutty.

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  • It is normal, and happens to most guys. I'll be sitting at the sports bar I go to, talking to a woman who may be very hands-on or touchy-feely, and it can happen. One I know and am friends with is a beautiful, soft-skinned blonde who has a habit of putting her hands on my legs when she's speaking to me, especially when she's excited, and, yeah..There's been times that her touch, and where she puts or taps her hands on my legs, has set me off.

    Even last week, I was talking to a woman I'd seen there a few times but never really talked to. She came over and sat next to me, we chatted for awhile, and she had a thing for touching my chest and leg during conversation. Wouldn't say I was up and erect, but would say..The blood was starting to flow south because of her.

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  • It is so normal and I love the feeling of my hard cock. It rubs gently on my briefs and feels good for hours.

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  • Hey it pays to advertise.

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