Is it ok to have a crush on your best friend?

Me and my best friend have known each other for.. well, forever. Only recently I have seen her as anything other than a sister to me. I sometimes get the urge tell her how I really feel, or even to kiss her/ask her out. I'm afraid if I do any of this, she will hate me - but the problem is getting to be to large to bear anymore. Is it normal for girls to have crushes on their friends?

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  • Well...are you both single and both like girls? If so, I would say go ahead and pursue it if it feels right. If she's straight and/or not single, however, don't set yourself up for heartbreak.

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  • I don't know about girls and girls, but, desiring someone you spend a lot of time and are that close to is natural and normal. My very pretty, sexy, and outgoing business associate and I got along so well that most people thought she and I were married or at least together. Even in photos from events we'd go to, we made a great-looking, happy couple. I even thought so.

    We did pretty well either playing it off, or, letting those comments and questions go, until one day, at a women's clothing store where we were visiting the owner, she found this amazing, red, Marylin Monroe-type dress. Tried it on, and my jaw hit the floor. All bets of us just being close friends were completely off, and it was beyond crush. I wanted her, and that was it.

    We continued working well together, and hanging out now and then when she could, she came to two dance recitals I was in with my niece, and, we basically acted like a couple. Did have a great talk over a high-end dinner one night, letting out how we honestly felt about each other. And it matched. Thing was, her situation was a mess, and at that point, so was mine. Wouldn't have been fair to start anything up with each other while so much else was going on. We kept working together and doing our thing, but...The feelings had to be put aside..

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  • Normal, and don't let the chance to tell her how you feel slip away.

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