Is it ok to have a good cry once a week?

Is it healthy to just let everything build up and then at the end of each week have a mini emotional breakdown to let all the stress out? After crying it all out I always feel better and bounce back up again as if nothing happened, but then I repeat it over again the next week... I think it helps me keep my emotions under control during the week so I don't cry at inappropriate times. Is this ok?

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  • Crying out of emotion releases a cocktail of chemicals in the body that help deal with fear, pain and stress. Definitely good for you. But, if you're forcing it, you may not get the same or as much of an effect.

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  • Long time since I last cried out of sadness. I don't even remember when. It is a little bit strange to schedule for a cry. But if it makes you feel good...

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  • I started doing this because my mind used to make me randomly depressed during the day. I would sit down and ask myself thousands of questions to find out what was wrong. I would find what made me deeply sad and work on to solve that.

    From the moment I started doing that, it became easier for me to recognize with what was I being depressed. So if it has a similar effect on you, I believe this is healthy.

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  • I don't force it. It's kind of like having a storm that is slowly growing inside of you after each bad thing that happens during the week. I'll just let the storm get bigger and bigger (because I don't let it out) and then when the weekend comes, a category 4 shitstorm occurs and I let out all the pent up emotion by crying.

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  • What do you think of to trigger the crying?

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    • I guess I just think about everything that had me worried throughout the week

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