Is it ok to have lube in all day

Have been trying new things and found that it feels really good it have lube in my butt all the time day and night. I showed every day but usually relube myself shortly after. It this a safe and non hateful thing to do?

Is It OK To?
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  • yes its very hateful

    yallre practically a butt nazi

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  • Keeping a consistently well-lubricated asshole is important in case you run into some homosexual rapists. You can never be too careful.

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  • Where did you show your well lubed arsehole all day and to whom? Just curious .....

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  • Gender is male & have just been pushing the lube in with a lube shooter. For the most part it stays in with slight leakage, but not a lot.

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  • What's your gender dammit! Maybe, just maybe that's relavant. Either way I don't really see how you 'stay lubed' all day. Usually the lube goes on whatever you or someone else is shoving up there and I doubt lube would stay long at all if you just threw it on the surface of your anus.

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