Is it ok to like someone who you consider family?

I have recently caught feelings for a guy and i call him my big brother... We are NOT related in any way. And its not illegal or any thing because were not even related I don't know what to do because our parents like each other// there dating. We see each other all the time, were ALWAYS together and i don't want things to be weird. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

Is It OK To?
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  • only your mind and heart can say what is right or wrong. rules and laws are creations of man, within each of us is the ability to know good and evil. we dont need help . we never did. so . i have no advise other than look within for the answer. you have the right to make mistakes , but no man has the right to make them for you.

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  • I say, your family could see it weird cause they consider you two brother and sister..others to.But you're not actually related, I'd try to avoid that situation used to call him your brother.

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  • Why should anything get weird? The two of you go ahead and fuck your brains out. That's fine.

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  • it is actually illegal if your parents get married , does that guy know ?

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