Is it ok to love library

I often escape to library. I love books and try to spend most of my time there. Whenever i have a bad day i go to library. It has sort of become my best friend. I find peace there and it helps me think positively. I think I am addicted.

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  • Completely normal. I love a good story.

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  • Libraries are awesome!

    Why on earth would it be not okay or not normal to love the library?

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  • I love escaping to the library. It's one of the few places I feel like an innocent child.

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  • Librarian here. Libraries are meant to be a safe space where all are accepted. That being said though, I hope you can build a life for yourself where that feeling of safety extends beyond the bookshelves :)

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  • Totally normal! Literature is awesome!

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  • I've loved libraries since I went to my first one in my early teens: all those books!

    And I still do, although annoyed they're being taken over by technology and the amount of available books reduced to make room for computers and people with laptops.

    I have a pretty good library of my own at home, some of it on shelves and some in piles all over the house waiting to be read. My only worry is that I won't live long enough to read them all, especially as for a couple of years before I had my cataracts removed I couldn't read but still kept buying books.

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