Is it ok to love someone who doesn’t exist?

I started loving someone who doesn’t exist... I gave him a name, I made some memory for him, and I cry for him, and even I imagined his face and his body. I hate myself for loving someone that I can’t be with in real life.... is it ok to live like this just in pain or I should tell someone about it??
Sorry for any mistake in my type, I’m not english..

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  • You'll never truly be happy if you immerse yourself in romantic obsession, especially romantic obsession about some make believe person in your head. Sorry, but I don't think that this sort of thing is healthy.

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  • loving someone who doesnt exist is kinda not normal imo, relating to someone who doesnt exist (i.e a game character) is normal

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  • Honestly I fall for fictional characters all the time. I find monsters so much more attractive than human beings.

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  • I suppose you could buy a blowup doll. She would never say no.

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