Is it ok to miss friend/ex

Hi readers. pardon my english if my grammar isn't on point. i've been married over 11 years now and haven't been in love with her. i care allot about her and do bunch of things for her. but i slept with my best friend and everything was so amazing and i broke up my marriage for this girl.
As friends this girl was the best person i ever met and she also know my wife. we have been together for about 6 months and i always miss my wife every single day she's not around me. my wife called me and wanted to know if we could make things right again.. and so i tried.
I brake up with my girlfriend to go back to my wife and told her everything. she forgive me and we are back together and now i start to miss my ex now again. why am i feeling like this ? she doesn't wanna even be friends again. deleted me from every social media blocked my number.
We haven't spoke about 4 months now and i still think about her everyday. i know i should move on and be happy with my wife now. but how can i stop feeling like i should have make better choices in my life. i've learned so much from this.
it bothers me everyday asking myself why did i do this. why did i lose a good friend i had. or was it that she hate me for going back to my marriage. please help . thank you readers

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  • It sounds as if you're attracted to both women and that's not unusual, it's what you do about it that's the important issue, unless both women are happy to share you.

    If there are children involved with your wife then I think you need to focus on that relationship and maybe go to counselling.

    Moving on will take time so be patient with yourself and put your energy into your marriage if that's what is most important to you.

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