Is it ok to not talk to my family about this?

I have a type of Cancer which started from one spot and is now spreading throughout my whole body causing so many problems to my health. I have a possible chance of dying because I did not get it seen by a doctor on time.

My Mother is the only one who knows about the cancer thing because she is always the one who I tell everything straight away to but have not told her that it could kill me. I have asked her if she could talk to Dad about it because its best if he knew what was wrong with me as he did know that I had problems with my health but didn't know I had this cancer. I am also booked in for my 2nd appointment next week.

I was about to text my older sister a few hours ago who is the second person to talk to but I didn't feel like it.
Anyways I am afraid to not only talk to my family but also afraid that I might die too soon and there are alot of things I love about life that I don't want to give up but at the moment Im not feeling positive right now I really need some help 😢

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  • Its so scary first finding about health problems being potentially worse than you thought. And now feel like you don't know even what things are anymore.

    Its really important to have this next appt and see what they say.

    Because it could be not as bad. I focus on the health I have had and areas of health I still have I can still walk, talk, hear, etc.

    Don't beat yourself up for the ways you feel. Every way you feel is OK.

    And so many others have this and then their stories are all different what happens next.

    So don't worry. I never tell my family anything, that's my choice.

    You have to remember breath slow sometimes and one day at a time. Everything gonna be ok

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    • Thankyou so much for your kind words you have calmed me and thank you for understanding. You are an awesome person.

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  • If there's a chance of you dying, you should definitely tell them at some point. Not in a text, preferably.

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  • It’s your business, not theirs. It would be kind for it to tell them, no matter how hard, but you are not obligated to just because they are your family.

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  • In Britain, there's a cancer support charity which has a free advice line to help people work through these sorts of problems. (

    Maybe there's something like this where you live?

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