Is it ok to prefer being on my phone instead of hanging out with friends?

I often tend to be on my phone, when I'm alone and when I am out with friends. Is it normal?

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  • My phone is my best friend.

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  • I think that there's currently a bit of a stigma surrounding social preferences. I personally love talking to my friends as I'm just a fan of conversation, but I often go through long periods where I'd much prefer to be alone and just kind of hang out by my self. My friends understand this and don't mind at all. I don't consider myself to be depressed or lonely or mentally unhealthy in any way during these periods. I'm just kind of chilling out. I'd say that as long as you don't feel depression or anxiety from your preference, you shouldn't worry yourself over it.

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  • Most people are addicted to their cell phones these days.

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  • Yah

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