Is it ok to pretend to be famous?

I spend a lot of my time pretending to be a celebrity. I don't pretend to be someone that's famous already. Instead, I pretend that I am a famous actress (which is what I want to become in the future). I pretend that I'm in interviews, shows, movies. I've noticed that I'm pretty dissatisfied if I stop pretending like recently I've tried to completely stop pretending because I was afraid I was going crazy or that I'm the only person that does this, but I've only realized that doing it makes me feel much better about myself. Am I the only one that does this?

Is It OK To?
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  • i think i dated you one time , im drinking baileys irish cream on the rocks right now. sound familiar?

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  • I think about being famous too. So its ok. And I pretend to be someone who is already famous when im looking in the mirror. And when im singing I like to pretend to be that singer who wrote that song and it just goes on and on....

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  • I actually do this too (mentally interview myself as thought i am a future celebrity) but not really to that extent

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  • As long as you aren't hurting anyone it's ok but if you start believing you are, then take a break from the make believe. Since you already questioned your sanity, maybe it would be a good idea to live in the real world.

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  • My sister used to sign her name on everything when we were kids, and say she was practicing her autograph for when she's gonna be famous. She's not famous, but she's still an asshole to this day.

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