Is it ok to question my religious beliefs and faith in god?

I was raised catholic. I wouldn’t say my mom and dad were huge religious people but we did attend church every weekend. I attend Sunday school, made my first communion and confirmation. Throughout the years I have lost many loved ones . Most recently my aunt who was only 64 years old and passed away very unexpectedly . I know death is part of life . We all will die. But why do so many leave us so soon , so unexpected. I pray and pray and still I lose the ones I love to soon. I’ve lost all faith in everything I’ve ever been taught. Has anyone else ever felt like this? Life seems so cruel and unfair . I’m not sure if I just need to talk to a pastor, priest and religious figure about my doubts .

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  • It's really difficult to come to terms with losing loved ones, there are many religions and beliefs that help stabilise the mind in these circumstances. Think for yourself, work out what is right for you, ask questions. Do not acquiesce your authority to a pastor nor a scientist. Always ask for advice but never take anything as gospel, you have to live your own truth, beliefs change, that's no problem. Happiness comes from within, as does love, they're part of your nature and they will come to shine again. Always trust your intuition and if someone doesn't like your questions or that your beliefs may change, that is not your problem. Just focus on love and what being happy really means. The most important belief is to believe in yourself. Wishing you all the love and luck.

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  • It is your right to question what you have been told. I may talk to a pastor/priest to see if you still believe in Christianity. If nothing clicks, then you can safely say you're not a Christian. You may also want to look into other faiths. Do research, talk to adherents of other religions, go to their places of worship and ask questions, etc.

    Some questions you may want to ask yourself are:

    What are your moral beliefs? (What's OK and what's not)
    How many gods do you think there are?
    What do you believe about life after death?
    Do you believe that nature is sacred?

    Try and find something that matches as closely to your beliefs as possible

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  • It is sad when people die, but it's more sad for us than them. If you believe the Bible, then many of the people who die go to Heaven and that is a better place than here. It's hard to understand life or believe that a loving God would let terrible things happen, but I believe that it is part of a bigger picture.

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  • Follow your heart, believe what you'd like. If you think being religious doesn't make sense anymore, maybe try other things. And if you change your mind later and come back to your old one later I'm sure your god will forgive you. Sometimes its good to be critical of things.

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  • I dont speak on religious topics much but i offer deepest condolence for your aunt...

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  • Well religion exists to give people faith.
    If you lose faith in what's happening around you why would you have faith in a religion that didn't help you?
    I'm accepting of all religions and all people, but think about what's most important to you.

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  • ask a priest , just make sure you bring a body guard witness. i would say study the history of how catholics got started. How a Cesar melted paganism and christianity together and got a new religion. How the Pope became god on earth ( the holy father) . after you get all the knowledge. you might feel liberated. you tube has may videos on the topic.

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  • Yes it normal. If you believe then you should have faith that you will see them again. Leave the “why” alone, because nobody alive can answer that.

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  • Yes, it's normal. Most of the people on the site don't believe though, so if you're wanting advice from believers you will not get a lot of that here unfortunately.

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