Is it ok to self harm when after someone lets me down

I scratch my arm or legs with objects whenever someone lets me down. I wanna hurt myself after someone let’s me down or fell physical pain after someone makes me feel emotional pain. Sometimes I bite into my skin or their time I scratch my skin with a knife or scissors. I do this whenever I’m sad. Biting I do whenever I do something wrong or because I hate myself or my life.

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  • self harm is NEVER OK! if you are constantly in situations where people are letting you down, even though it may be hard, find some new friends. Friends are supposed to be there to support you, not hurt you. And even if you think you can't find friends, you're lying to yourself. Stay confident!

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  • I do this as well. I was thinking about this ealier today, dissappointment is the most devastating feeling for me because it makes me want to self destruct. I used to get FURIOUS at the person but especially at myself cause I thought I was so stupid for caring so much. I usually got into some sort of fit where id kick around and cry and think about all the ways ill hurt myself. I never did it in spite of someone else but myself though.

    With time and a lot of self reflection its gotten easier to control this though so I wish you luck.

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  • No but it is normal to harm anyone who let's you down, so do that instead.

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  • Take antidepressants and mood stabilizers.

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  • Nope not normal, i’ll be honest with you. You sound like you have problems

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  • You sound overly sensitive to me.

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