Is it ok to send japanese snacks to my english teacher?

I'm Japanese.I've learned English from a teacher(he's Canadian) for 5months.
I like him very much.
But,but he gonna leave Canada in 2 weeks.
Then,I wanna give him some presents which is Japanese snack
"UMAIBOU". Do you know this?
It's like fried corn paste.And it has many kinds of taste.
Today,I had his English lesson and I found that he hasn't had "UMAIBOU".
and he is leaving Canada,I decided to give him "UMAIBOU".
I'll send 30(UMAIBOU is small and cheap,it's 0.1$).

This sentence became long,but I want you to understand what I wanna say.
And what I do is normal, or not?

Is It OK To?
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