Is it ok to struggle with becoming an adult?

I have a huge and disruptive problem with being an adult. I’ve put off bills that I shouldn’t have, Ive ignored some warnings and been a massive procrastinator on important things. I’m terrible with money, and I’ve recently lost my job. I didn’t get my license when I was a teenager because I was terrified of driving but now that I’m 21 it hinders my ability to live alone. There are all these responsibilities and it just feels like too much to handle.

Is It OK To?
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  • Don't try and handle all these responsibilities at once. Do a list of which are the most important (I would guess pay your bills before everything is cut off) followed by looking for another job.

    That means you can forget about the driving licence for a while: put it on the list of things to do when you can afford to buy a car, which I imagine will be a while off if you're out of work.

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