Is it ok to tell someone stop buying you certain kinds of gifts?

I’ve got a close friend , we buy gifts for each other all year long and give to each other even when it’s not a holiday all the time. I tend to give less often but I’ll save up for a really large more expensive gift that will blow them away and be useful . They tend to give me lesser valued things but way more often and in bundles.the thing is , I’m starting to accumulate so much stuff , they know I love maps, geography, atlases, travel related things and certain antiques. but it’s like, I’m opening up a god damn library or antique shop now lol ... I don’t need another atlas or globe , the thing is I always act really happy because half of me is and it’s still such a generous thought and kind thing for them to do but I’m starting to run out of room to put things and they seem to kind of “keep tabs” on whether or not I’ve used the thing that I was “so happy to get “. Such a first world problem if there ever was one , but would it be okay for me to be more direct with them about not getting as much stuff? But it feels so weird.. I obviously can’t say directly what I’d want , which would be something along the lines of “ can you get me fewer but nicer gifts much like I do to you ?” That would be just too direct and awful. they also pride themselves as great gift givers , which they are but like I said my room is filling up with stuff I just won’t use because I have enough of the particular things to satisfy my desires already.

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  • Perhaps mention that you are trying to accumulate less things. Don't make it about them specifically, make it general. Perhaps say you're finding your room is rather cluttered and you're considering the possibility of having to donate/sell things because it is so overwhelming. Idk how far you have to go to sell the idea to them, that's for you to decide.

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  • Do you think of you mentioned not doing it as often that they would get you less more expensive better things? Or just keep adding little unneeded things along the way? Could be worth a shot to see if that helps.

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