Is it ok to think marijuana is a drug?

My family members keep telling me marijuana is not a drug but my school is teaching me it is. Im confused.

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  • I always had a mental debate with the phrase "drugs and alcohol" anything that alters the perception of you're brain, or the course of you're actions is a drug. I mean, big fuckin deal, drugs are good if, and only if, the user is smart enough to know wich ones will age the hell out of you and ruin you. THC (tetrahydrocannibinol) sounds like a drug to me, bout to smoke some.

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    • Tea contains psychoactive drugs too.

      Maybe the imbeciles should ban tea too!?

      'I don't like tea, I don't drink tea, I can't drink tea anymore because it makes me nauseous...therefore no-one should drink tea!'
      -Thoughtless imbecile ideology.

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  • Drug has many meanings. It is a pretty useless classification for understanding things.

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  • Yes, it is a drug. But a lot of thing that are drugs are not considered drugs. Hell, caffeine is a drug.

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  • Marijuana is a drug, M'kay? And drugs are bad, M'kay? So don't do drugs... M'kay?... M'kay...

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  • Incorrect.

    "Marijuana" is not a drug.
    "Marijuana" is an alternate common name for a plant (Cannabis sativa).
    The Cannabis sativa plant contains numerous drugs.

    Similarly, 'coffee' is not a drug.
    'Coffee' is a common name for several species of plants (small trees or shrubs) in the genus Coffea. 'Coffee' is also used to refer to the fruit seed of the plant, or a beverage prepared from the seed of the plant (usually, but not always, Coffea arabica).
    Coffee plants contain numerous drugs, the most important of which is caffeine.

    Both cannabinoids and caffeine are drugs.
    Coffee and Cannabis (marijuana), are not.

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  • Google will even tell you it's not a drug so listen to the anti pot smokers or the doctors and the one that says I'm just an idiot well there's two of us that agree on that

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  • its not called lettuce is it. its called weed. that means its unwanted. its more damaging and causes more lung cancer that tobacco. if i were you i find a better drug, sex is alot better.

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  • It is a drug.

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  • Of course its a drug. Why would people waste their money on it if it didn't make you high? (except for medical reasons). Marijuana can be addictive just like coffee, cookies or whatever you happen to have a hard time quitting. As far as a drug though its lightweight in comparison to drugs like narcotics or alcohol.

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  • It's a drug but it does have its benefits.

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  • And those few states that its legal for recreational use are seeing population growth from other states.

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  • Cannabis, also known as marijuana among other names, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant intended for medical or recreational use.

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  • It's a drug, and a Gateway drug at that.

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